Yesterday at the opening ceremony I was a flag carrier together with most of the other Ambassadors. At first we met close to the leadership center where I traded a Bolivian neckerchief. The German neckerchief is red with little Germany flags on it and the Bolivian one is green with red, yellow and green lines on it. I think it’s really beautiful and just so different then mine, that’s why I was really lucky that I could trade it. After the welcoming and some organizing stuff, we went behind the scenes. Well we just got behind the stage where we got placed in the right order. The countries were listed as the size and alphabetically. Germany was between Hungary and Finland, but I had to carry the flag of Sierra Lione because they don’t have a Global Ambassador. After we got in the right order me everyone got a pole which we had to carry from behind the stage to the place where we waited till the show started. I couldn’t wait to get to the stage and finish my job, because I was really hungry. In the morning I couldn’t eat breakfast because we had an early meeting as Global Ambassadors and I also missed lunch because we met to early for the flag thing.

After a lot of organizing we finally got our flags but we had to wait for one hour till we could start.

I got into a really nice conversation with Sebastian from Guatemala. We traded badges, took a picture together and planned to do more stuff together within the next days. I’ll introduce him to you tomorrow so that you all get to know him 😉

Later we started our flag parade and it was so cool because we got through the people who were filming and taking pictures of us. I was very nervous because I was afraid that I’ll fall in front of everyone. But I got to the stage without any bloopers. As we stood next to the stage, we had to wait till they call the name of the country on the flag. I calmed down as we stood behind the stage, because during the whole thing my brain stopped working and I couldn’t think anything. I had to wave the flag wide and high which was really nice but also hard because it wasn’t that easy for me to do it confidently. But now I’m way more comfortable in those situations, it was a great opportunity to get used to loads of people.

After the show Sebastian and me ate a little dinner together and went back to our units. I really enjoyed carrying the flag and meeting Sebastian, but the waiting times before the show were horrible. I don’t like waiting for something when I don’t know for how long I’ve to wait. But waiting will be a big part of the Jamboree because the big attractions are the most popular and everyone wants to then, so I’ll get used to it I think. The next days will be fun, I can’t wait to experience the whole Jambo 🙂


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