Since this was a Sunday, a lot of religious services were taking place simultaneously in the morning which is why all the activities started after 10.
Before that, there was an event called the Scouts Own Service which was a service everyone could attend regardless of religion or nationality. It recounted the basic promise of a scout and revised the scout laws as well.
It was an amazing attempt at uniting scouts and creating peace between them, which is why a human peace sign was sketched on the ground and an aerial view of it was shot.
Lastly, I went to the faith and beliefs tent but I could go round only half of it since it was so late in the evening.
The first portion was Hinduism where Nepali scouts wrote our names in Nepali and we toured around with the guide who told us about the various beliefs in Hinduism as well as on unique thing about their gods was that they associate traits like war and courage with women like Durga, the war goddess and other attributes like compassion and caring with men like Krishna.
Next was Won Buddhism, where we learnt about their origins and beliefs. Their meditation techniques were pretty interesting and I spent about half an hour there. We sat down and meditated, lied down, stood up and everything. It was a very relaxing experience, not the kind of relaxation you get when you sleep but a different kind of relaxation.
After that we went to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They told us that they believed they were a special church because their teachings were the same teachings as Jesus’ disciples. They believe in the Book of Mormon and a lot of their followers become missionaries because they believe Christ wanted his message to be spread as much as possible.
And there you go, that was my Sunday!
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