Yesterday my friend Thabata and I attended Summit Stories. “Summit Stories is an exciting new program at the 24th World Jamboree that gives ordinary Scouts from around the world the ability to tell the story of how Scouting has impacted their life as it relates to one of four daily themes:

  • Gender Equity
  • Multiculturalism
  • Servant Leadership
  • the Value of Scouting in Modern Society

The focus was on Servant Leadership. Several speakers were introduced and presented their personal stories/experiences of scouting, and its relation to Servant Leadership.

First Matt Parsons, presented his story.

Matt Parsons: 2019 Chief of the Order of the Arrow

Main takeaways:

  • We look at leadership as a triangle now
    • Servant leadership depends on how you look at it and what perspective you look at it in
    • Servant leadership is the triangle but upside down
      • The leader puts the people that he leads above everyone else


  • 3 characteristics of a servant leader:
    1. Empathy: we are all human and need to treat everyone with same respect
    2. Trust: a community a culture with sense of trust
    3. Humility: servant leaders do not put themselves above the people that they lead

Filip Schätz: Sweden

Struggle of the Young Leader

Main takeaways:

  • Everyone makes mistakes u have to learn from them and listen to feedback
  • When u are a leader you will make a lot of mistakes because the decisions are up to you
  • Everyone makes mistakes so it’s ok, u have to learn from them who listen to feedback


Wong Hin Long: Hong Kong

Servant Leadership

Main takeaways:

  • Servant leader needs to be servant first
  • Show positive empathy
  • Know others strengths and weaknesses of team members
  • Servant leadership is Daily practice of behaviors
  • Servant leadership is also about being in the back not just in the front



Diego Rivarola Alfaro: Perú

8 Characteristics of a Servant Leader

  1. Humble
  2. Loving
  3. Empathetic
  4. Persuasive: communicate with members of the group, be an example
  5. Reflect: within self
  6. Have a vison
  7. Good listeners
  8. Engage and develop with team and communicate the different roles in a team




Tim Cece: USA

Leaders Eat Last, but they Prepare first

  • Don’t know what it’s like until u are an actual leader
  • “You can’t lead anybody else unless you lead yourself first”


After the speeches I got a better understanding of what Servant Leadership is and how it can be used by not only scouts but from business owners to coaches!

After the speech, it had started to pour!! Thabata and I found shelter underneath Sweden’s canopy. They were very nice to let us stay with them. After the storm calmed down, we walked all the way to B camp.

Later that night was the A and B Basecamp Bash. When walking up the little hill to get to the stage Josie and I both got stung by a wasp. There was a wasp nest in that area and the wasps were getting mad because of people stepping all over their area. It was my first time getting stung by anything. Luckily it didn’t hurt too bad and now I know I am not allergic!

After the little incident, my friends and I met up with our Italian friends at the dance. There was a foam blaster that sprayed foam all over. Everyone was jumping and dancing crazily. After a couple of songs we all headed to the inflatable tube man. Tons of scouts circled around while copying the motions of the flailing man. We all looked so silly but it was so fun and because of our energy more and more people joined in. I looked all around me and was in awe because it was so incredible to see such diverse people from all around the world joining together to dance. Despite all our differences we come together and share our smiles and energy with each other to make the world a happier and better place.

After the bash my friends and I headed to the field to star gaze. Where I live in California, the stars are not super visible because of the low elevation so I wanted to enjoy them as much as I could while I was here. We searched for all the different shimmering constellations in the sky. It was so amazing to be able to enjoy such a wonderful moment with such amazing people I met. We all enjoyed each other’s company while talking about life. Scouting and especially The World Jamboree brings people together from all walks of life. Those people find each other and become family. Scouting is a family.

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