The Impact

Second day!! I got to see much more of the camp today. Went by the lake to the water activities zone and ended up doing rock climbing which was really cool. I got to stay there and climb several different walls and record my friends going up.
The camp looks like it’s getting bigger by the day. There are so many people, so many different uniforms and colours and stories to listen too. It’s hard to think I’ll have to come back eventually. Because I’m not only meeting new people from outside of Portugal, I’ve met new people from my country too. And I know Jamboree’s supposed to be about meeting people from outside of Portugal and everything but It’s even harder thinking I probably won’t see people from my own country this soon. I’m definitely thinking ahead of time since this is only day two.
Moving on from that, and staying positive it’s exciting just to think about where I am. This is like a really big summer camp, only even bigger and everyone’s super friendly and has automatically something in common, we’re all scouts and have a passion for it. We all love and want to meet new people. We all want to have the best days of our lives.
And that sounded so cliché thinking of it, but when you’re excited you don’t think if you’re sounding too telenovela, you just feel the happiness and joy and all those cheesy stuff no one likes to say.

I’m excited to see what Jamboree has to bring next.

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