I must admit that I am writing this entry rather late as I am much too busy with the fantastic yet tiring itinerary of the jamboree. As with all days in the jamboree, each day is filled with so many activities that are too much to document. There were two main activities, however – the Canopy Tour and the Global Ambassador exchange!


The Canopy Tour was on a signup basis for Global Ambassadors. We were supposed to have exclusive access, but that was just waking up very early to be the first in queue. I woke up at 5.15am, initially to buy breakfast along the way, but for some reason there was a queue at 5.45am and I had to leave halfway into the queue, to reach Scott Summit Center at 6.30am.


The start of our zipping


It was a very chilly morning that day, and we were about to zip through the cold winds. We got a short introduction, ground school, and then we hiked to our starting location. There were 4 trails and we were whisked to Course 2. There were multiple zip lines for this course, each gliding through the canopy of the forest.  The scenery was breathtaking but it was unfortunate that we were not allowed to take pictures lest our phone falls one million feet below.


After that, we had some activities at World Point but they were less exciting. We went back early to prepare for our cultural exchange with Cyprus! 3 people came along – Zoe, Ireni and Jessica. We initially wanted to cook curry chicken but Zoe expressed earlier that she didn’t like spicy food, so we cooked pineapple rice with cereal chicken instead. We had a very lively time together. We discussed all things such as school in Cyprus, life in Singapore, the languages we speak and most things under the weather. It was a great experience. Our contingent leader even brought a few badges for them as souvenirs! They offered to clear up but that was too kind of them. We said it was ok and they should go for the base camp bash.


A group photo together with Cyprus


Speaking of the base camp bash, I did not feel like going because it seemed too party-like and I was already very tired. I could hear the songs and festivities from my tent – it was a combination of country and modern. I suppose it was fun for those who went!


All in all, the Canopy Tour was a great escape to the nature which I thoroughly enjoyed (just that it was a little too chilly). The Cyprus exchange was fantastic and it too was an escape to another culture which is always fantastic. Indeed, this jamboree is a great escape to a new world.

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