Hello everyone!

What does leadership mean and why is it so important? Today I did the Globe experience. By doing a few activities, we learned some interesting things about leadership.

The Globe experience is an experience with which you learn what kind of leader you are, and what the ups and downs are about that specific type of leader so you can improve yourself, and eventually others. First we filled out a questionnaire to help divine which type of leader you are. At the end of the whole experience we would reflect this and see if it was accurate. After we filled it out, we had to go to the tent next doors. A big screen was set up on which we saw Baden Powell, not the actual Baden Powell of course, telling something about the history of scouting, and what scouting has to do with leadership. Scouting helps you improve yourself as a person and a leader and encourages you to help anyone you can.

After the video we got put into a group of eight. I didn’t know any of the people I was going to the escape room with so it was nice to meet them. Before we went to the escape room, we had to argue about the good and bad qualities of leader, such as a good leader motivates other people to get the best out of themselves, but a good leader is not egocentric. The fun thing about the discussion was, was that we were with four Dutch people and four people from different countries. You could see this back in the discussion. Some things we divine as a positive quality of a leader, might be seen as a bad thing from someone from another country. I liked to see how cultures had such a big impact on the discussion.

Then we finally got to the escape room. The story was about the first crew who got to mars, but got hit by a meteorite and were stuck in space. The challenge for us, the crew, was to get the spaceship fixed and “escape” from space. We had 25 minutes to do this. We did it in 19 minutes.

Afterwards we talked about who did what in the escape room and if that matched the type of leader you are. Turns out, I’m a planned leader. To be honest that didn’t surprise me at all.

I’ve learned a lot this morning and I’m happy that I did the Global experience!

Bye and see you later!

Kind regards,

Dutch Global Ambassador

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