Yesterday was the first global ambassador meeting with more than 140 ambassadors from all over the world. I have met a bunch of new people like Anna from Austria, Lorena from Liechtenstein, Daniela from Mexico and Livie from Belgium. Daniela taught us a welcome ritual from Mexico. They clap in special way to a little song and say welcome in this way to each other. I really liked it and I think that I`ll keep it my mind for the next time I see Mexican scouts.

We also talked about the rituals at the promise celebration. In my hometown we jump above the fire hand in hand with a friend. The fire isn`t that big, but it should light up the friendship and make it last forever. In Belgium they put a hand on the flag and make the scouting promise. They also get a totem which stands for the character and the look of the person. Livie has an horse as totem because she is very brave and impulsive. In Germany we only have scout names which stands for something you do or something which is typical for you. My scout name is “Mamabelle”, because I am always like a mother to everybody. Everybody likes this name because it`s funny and it describes me perfectly.

After getting to know us better we got a presentation about the global ambassador stuff we`ll see in the next days. I can`t wait to explore the Jamboree in the next days and meet more people like yesterday!



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