HI! My name is Bernardo Vinha,and I’m the global ambassador of Portugal. I’m going to describe you my expirience here in world scout jamboree, and im really looking foward to tell you everything by my point of view.

So, talking about my first day, I was not expecting anything like what I did, at 8 AM I was already in the ambassador tent to have our breafing, I met so many people from all around the world (Italy, Sweeden, Aruba, USA, Faroe Islands, Norway) these were all in a table of seven people.

Then i met an American girl, a guy from Guatemala and a Greek girl, and we went together to our subcamp, but  we got lost and it took us two hours to arrive, but was actually pretty fun because we had the chance to talk to each other and really knew those guys, they were all really cool and we had a lot of fun! 

When we went to our camp we decided to go together to the opening cerimony when we waved our contry flags and had dinner together.Then we went to the cerimony and it was awesome! The band that was performing was really cool and inovating, it was one of the best shows that i ever seen!

Im looking foward to talk to you tomorow, and share all the details of this incredible expirience! if you want to see more please folow me on instagram @bernardovinha!! I post a lot of Photos you will not regret it!

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