We’re on the final stretch of this camp. It’s surreal enough being here after so many months of waiting, but for it to be almost over? I can’t believe it.

My patrol was ‘duty patrol’ this morning, which basically means that we’re in charge of cooking and cleaning. Because of that, I woke up at 5 and went to the food store to grab our food for the day. The way it works is that we’re allocated a certain amount of food per day, and each food has to be scanned and paid for on an app we have. It’s a pretty cool system, and I love that they’re trying to incorporate and utilise technology in a positive way. 

Although waking up early is horrible, watching the sunrise was quite lovely. We cooked eggs and sausage patties in bread for breakfast, and when I say cooked I mean heated up. That’s another thing about the jamboree- I’m not sure if it’s an American thing or a jamboree thing, but all of the food comes pre cooked, even the eggs. I can’t wait until I get back home and see a real carton of eggs again. 

I went to the ‘Better World’ tent with Toby (the other Australian ambassador) today, and we took some photos in our uniforms. I also found a booth about the 2021 World Moot in Ireland. If you didn’t know, a moot is a jamboree- style event for people aged 18-26. I found out that I’ll be 18 the week before it starts, so I’m absolutely going to be there! Sorry Mum and Dad, but missing a couple weeks of Grade 12 will be more than worthwhile if it’s anything like this experience!

Afterwards, I met up with a bunch of other ambassadors at the Global Development Village, and we did a ton of inspiring and interesting things like talk to a young Syrian refugee, went to a talk about gender equality, and learned about how we, as scouts, can help save the planet. All in all, it was very worthwhile and I hope that I will implement the things I learnt into my life. 

We made some diy pizzas for dinner, and afterwards lots of people headed over to F for their base camp bash, and I headed out with a couple of girls in my troop to do some trading. We ended up at England, and I scored one of their tea bear shirts, a pin, and a Union Jack bandanna. 

It was honestly a really busy day, and I was glad to go to bed and score some sleep at last.


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