Today’s our field trip to Charleston!

As a global ambassador, I was offered the opportunity of going to Charleston for the day with a bunch of other ambassadors. Unfortunately, it’s the same day that my troop is walking up Mt Jack, so I have to miss out on that, but I’m still really glad that I get to do this. 

There were almost 40 of us on the bus, plus a bunch of leaders, and we started of chatting and laughing- all of us got on so well. I fell asleep within the first 20 minutes, and didn’t wake up before we got to Charleston.

The first place we went was the West Virginia State archives museum, where we went through the museum and learned about the history of the state. We then got taken through the archives, and saw lots of old books and records. We even got to see a signed letter from Abraham Lincoln! Apparently it was absolutely priceless, but they can’t sell it because they’re an archive. 

After that, we headed to a Boy Scout facility on the river, where we had a surprise pizza party! It was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted, but that’s probably I’ve been living on camp food for a while now. Another thing that I’m really craving is some vegetables or fresh fruit that doesn’t taste like cardboard. 🙂

Next we went on a riverboat tour of Charleston, which was not only beautiful, but it was really fun to just relax and hang out with everyone. All of the ambassadors are really fun, friendly people who I genuinely enjoy being around, so it’s a bit sad that we will have to leave so soon. I hope I’ll be able to keep in touch with as many of these people as I can. 

On the way back we stopped at a salt factory for a tour, and it was really cool to see how it’s made.

I fell asleep again in the bus on the way back- I guess I didn’t realise how tired I was. 

Back at the camp, it had been raining for hours and there had been lightning warnings all day, so our camp had turned into a swamp. Because of this, I enjoyed a hot dinner and went to bed early!




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