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24th World Scout Jamboree

Experience Daily Life

Arrival and Departure

The Summit Bechtel Reserve is located in Glen Jean, West Virginia which is 309 mile/497 km from Washington, DC, 540 miles/869 km from Toronto, Canada, and 2,186 miles/ 3,521 km from Mexico City, Mexico. The 24th World Scout Jamboree has designated the three locations as official entry and exit points for the jamboree. Transportation will be provided to The Summit Bechtel Reserve from an official entry and exit point. Many contingents may choose to offer pre- or post-jamboree tours of locations across North America and provide their own transportation to and from The Summit Bechtel Reserve. The three official entry points include:

  • Yeager Airport (CRW)- Charleston, West Virginia
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Prince Amtrak railway station – Beckley, West Virginia


The Summit Bechtel Reserve is divided into five base camps for jamboree participants. Contingents will be made up of units which include 36 youth participants and four adult leaders. All contingents will be provided with two-man tents with ground clothes, cots, picnic tables and unit cooking gear in their campsite. Permanent shower houses and latrines are located throughout the base camps. An additional base camp is provided for members of the International Service Team (IST). IST members will live in wall tents with cots and have access to permanent shower houses in latrines in the base camp.


The jamboree will use the grocery store model for unit meals. Units will develop a menu then go shop for the ingredients in their base camp store to cook breakfast and dinner. A shelf-stable meal will be provided for lunch. International Service Team members will eat meals in the staff dining hall and be provided a shelf-stable meal for lunch.

  • Jamboree Food Team
  • Shops

    Several shops will be available across the jamboree site to provide jamboree souvenirs, Scouting gear, light meals, snacks, drinks, sundries, and more. An online store will be open prior to the start of the jamboree for participants and non-participants to pre-purchase souvenirs.

    Health and Safety

    First aid sites, staffed by medical professionals, will be located throughout the jamboree site to provide care for basic injuries and illnesses. Issues that require a higher level of care will be transferred to the jamboree hospital. Prior to attending the 24th World Scout Jamboree, all participants, including National Scout Organization contingents and International Service Team members, will be required to submit a medical history to the jamboree medical team.

    Other Services

    The world scout jamboree will function like a small city with over 45,000 residents. Other available services include laundry facilities, bank/ATM service, postal service and fire/safety services. The Summit Bechtel Reserve is covered by mobile phone service (AT&T) and offers several spots for Wi-Fi access.