In the Jamboree, everyday is a different day, due to all the different activities
that we do or all the new people that we meet, but this jamboree has a long
duration, and we need to create a routine and adapt to this different lifestyle.

Everyday my troup (the group of people that i'm with) wakes up at 6:00 AM
and the guys who are responsible with the food, go to the supermarket to
buy breakfast and lunch, at 6:30 we are all eating our breakfast, which is
usually some cereal or pancakes. I think that the food here in the United
States are really bad compared with the food that we have in Portugal, but
we need to work with what we have which is normally some vacuum
sanduiches/wraps that not works for the majority of the Portuguese.
When we finish breakfast we go straight to the activities, that’s when we are
separated and each one of us go with a buddy to the activity that please us
more, and then we are free for the rest of the day, doing what we want and
socializing with whoever we want. At 6:00 PM, every member of the troup
needs to go back to the camp to prepare dinner, normally at 7:30 we’re
eating our dinner, and we eat really fast because after that, we rush through
the parties.

Normally there’s always a party in each subcamp, where we can dance with a
music beat or see other cultures doing their native dances , but the party that
my troup likes to attend, it’s the brazzilian party at their food house, the
music is really loud and everyone is jumping and dancing the “funk” which is
a traditional brazillian music with a very common beat and some ordinary
lyrics that no one understand except the Brazilians and the Portuguese’s
because we can understand Portuguese and the unique lyrics that those
songs present.

When the party ends at 11;00 PM everyone goes back to their camps and
usually plays some cards or quiet games in their tends before went to bed.

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