WSJ 2019




Everyday in jamboree we meet new people, it’s almost inevitable, I met people from all around the globe, every single continent is here! More than 150 countries! It’s crazy how many things you can do and how many people you can meet.

As a global ambassador i had the privilege to have direct contact with all the countries in THE FIRST DAY! I met almost every country and I had direct contact with their cultures, religions, music, behave… The cultural shock was mind blowing , and I was amazed by all the people that I met. I made great friends too! In the first day i already had a small group composed by different nationalities, it was me a girl from USA a really cool guy from Guatemala, and a greek girl! We walked together for two straight hours  because we got lost, which was good because we had a lot of fun and we had the opportunity to meet each other a bit more!

Initially I was looking forward to meet countries like USA, England, Colombia and Australia, but actually the countries that I have made the best connection were Bolivia, Paraguay, Guatemala and Sweden, Which is something that I wasn’t expecting at all, but this is the Jamboree  and if there’s something that I learned from this experience, it’s that we can never guess what it’s going to happen to us!


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