Today was the Cultural Celebration Day which was a day where all the different cultures at the World Scout Jamboree came together at the campsite!

Me and my friend Lotta started the day by walking around and experiencing some of the different cultures that can be found at the campsite. We first headed to one of the UK contingent’s troops where we got to drink a good old cup of tea! I’m personally not much of a tea drinker but I still enjoyed it.

Then we went to a Japan one and oh boy, that was an experience! They offered us some of their tea and explained how to drink it. Basically you took the mug in your hands, more on the left hand. Then you sort of rotated the mug in your hands twice with the right hand, said thank you and took a sip! They also gave us some chocolate cakes that had green tea powder on them and those were good as well. After that some of the Japanese scouts taught us how to write a certain word in Japanese. I picked ‘friend’ since it seemed like the easiest one but I still didn’t do that good as you can see in the picture (lol)!

So right next to the Japanese camp there was an Italian one! They were offering face paintings of their flag (which I had on my cheek) and real Italian pasta! It was really good and overall a fun experience!

After that we visited the Korean troop where they offered some traditional Korean candies and drinks. They were playing KPOP songs over there and they also had a cardboard that you could take pictures with. We took a few pictures with two Korean girls who were wearing a traditional outfit. I loved the vibe at their camp and I really liked how they set it up.

By 1pm we headed back to our troop where we were showcasing a lot of Finnish stuff! We had a quiz, some Scout songs and shouts, salmiakki and we also showed a bit of the “Finnish Nightmares” book which is full of Finnish stereotypes (most of them are actually relatable to Finns)

Today was another great day and I know I’ll treasure the memories of today forever!

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