And as it turned out, our blog posts would continue forth in great speed. Today was a relatively uneventful day. We cooked French toast with sausages for breakfast which took rather long to prepare. However, I enjoyed the breakfast very much – it was probably the best one we had made so far.

We then queued for the Canopy. While I had went for the Canopy before, the rest hadn’t. And I thought I would be able to try a new course as there are 4 courses. As luck would have it, I was placed back in course 2, which was the one that I went for already. Thus, I had seen all the sights before. It was slightly unfortunate but it nonetheless was a good experience.

After that, I broke off from the main group as they were heading for The Barrels and I wouldn’t be able to make it for the closing ceremony for ambassadors. I accompanied our adult leader and we went on a shopping spree (i.e trading for badges). We have a surplus of too many contingent and souvenir badges and we needed to give them away. It was quite a unique skill actually – you see people haggling and bargaining and it is quite fun. Some people come to the jamboree for collectibles, while some come for the adventure, and others come to make friends. I think each are equally valid – I consider myself to lie somewhere in the middle.

The actual closing ceremony for global ambassadors was a simple one – we received our scarves, and we thanked the staff. I consider myself privileged to be a part of this program – because of this, I was able to do things that I normally would not be able to do, such as our exchange programs which I am rather fond of. I am also surrounded by wonderful people and their friendliness is inspirational.

The day concluded with us cooking tomato pasta. It is quite impossible to screw up pasta so the food was good. The Malaysian gang also joined us for dinner, and we exchanged pleasantries. We got a souvenir booklet from them, and I also got a Malaysian scarf and shirt from Fang Zhuo!

It seems all too soon that our journey is coming to an end – in about 48 hours we would be in San Francisco. It has been a wonderful ride, and the memories will stay for a long time. It rained again rather heavily, with thunderstorms and winds gusting and everything – I suppose what goes around comes around. It is like the circle of life.

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