The Catholic Faith

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Today, one of the activities that the Eagle Troop of the Philippine Contingent had was the Catholic Faith under Faith and Beliefs.

According to, 86 percent of the Philippine population are Roman Catholics.

Being a Catholic since birth, I was excited to be able to experience the different activities in the booth.

Some of the folks supervising at the Catholic Faith booth are from the International Catholic Conference of Scouting, together with some members of the International Service Team (IST).

For the activities, we started with Cross Making, the symbol of Jesus Christ who died for our salvation. 

We started out by having a piece of a short timber pole, another longer timber pole, a thin rope, and a thick rope.

First, we started out by lashing the two poles together using the thin rope to form the cross, and then we used the thick rope to form Jesus Christ, and then we attached them all together to form the finished product as seen below:

For the next one, as a group, we were able to play with the bells. 

We had our own stick to ring the bell that was assigned to us, which had a certain note.

One of the IST members was the one who was giving us the instructions on when to ring our own bell.

As a group, we were able to play the song “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”.

Lastly, I learned how to make my own rosary bracelet.

We were given a piece of string and scissors.

Creating rosary bracelets were pretty simple, but the final product is beautiful.

In fact, I always have mine anywhere I go, as a reminder of my duty to God and to never forget to pray.

When you finish these activities, you then click your Novus to earn your Catholic Faith virtual badge.

After all of these, I was able to see and learn some more about my own faith, as well as strengthening it.

May God bless you all!

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