That day started with waking up really early to completely foggy campsite. Me and my patrol had breakfast and went to checking place for the Big zip. We waited for a while but because of us coming really early in the morning it wasn’t that long. One of the ISTs was giving us riddles so we wouldn’t get bored, which was fun. Because of the weather they couldn’t take many people up to the zip, so they rescheduled my group for later for their safety. I had some mandatory global ambassador program at the time they were supposed to go so the woman asked me whether I wanted to go now. I agreed and started a 45 minute hike up the hill.

Thank god for my orientation skills and the ISTs who I saw halfway through the hike in front of me, so I knew I was going the right way. At the top of the hill I got the safety briefing and the equipment. The view was nice but still a bit foggy down there. We walked to the beginning of the zip and as we were walking my stomach was getting smaller and smaller. I was nervous, because honestly I am a bit afraid of heights. As I was standing in the line for the zip, a really interesting thought came to my mind. Maybe I should have gone to a zip that doesn’t have a word ‘Big’ in it’s name. Especially when it was my first time going to a zip. But I wanted to overcome the fear.

I stood up on the stairs and took a deep breath. The view was completely clear this time. It was nice. One IST attached me to the zip. After the ending station gave them the permission to let us go the countdown started. 3, 2, 1!

I was flying. The view, the velocity, the fact that I was tens of meters in the air. Unbelievable. All the fear was gone and what was left was only pure adrenaline and excitement.

But soon, too soon there was the end of the zip. I had to slow down by doing the ‘starfish’ – straightening my legs and pulling myself closer to the pole I was holding to. After few seconds I crashed into the brake and the end of the zip.

If you ever have the opportunity to overcome your fears do it. And also if you ever get the chance to go on the big zip. I believe in you. This was unlocking a new world for me.

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