Slovenian scouts started our journey on 11th of July. We met up, all packed, knowing, that this summer isn’t going to be one to forget … why, you ask? Because although we couldn’t imagine what laid ahead, we knew it was huge…

We flew from Milan to New York on a 9h flight and landed at around 4 in the afternoon. We had the evening and the whole next day to ourselves. Troops decided where they wanted to go, and what places they wanted to visit. Our troop visited the Times Square and all the famous little (or not so little) stores like HardRockCafe, Disney store, and maaany others.

The next day our journey was already headed towards Washington. On our way there we stopped in Philadelphia, where we saw the famous Rocky stairs, and, of course, his statue. We explored the city, danced Macarena with strangers (yes, publicly), and right before we continued our way towards Washington, we stopped at a famous prison, that was made into a museum.

In Washington our troop decided to visit the holocaust, space and art museum. Our leaders tried to make our journey as educational as possible, and in my opinion, we saw and learned a lot. We also saw the White House and the scout monument, where all of our troops had to take a photo.

After we visited all the big cities we planned on visiting, we turned our buses towards the historical triangle, and visited Williamsburg, where one of the first colonies were established…and on top of all, a part of their city is just a big museum, where people live like the colonies did in 18:th century!

We also spent a day in Richmond where we were gasping for air, while looking at their amazing street art. ..We absolutely loved it!

Our traveling days through the US were coming to an end when we reached Staunton, where we explored the And museum of farms, that migrants built, when people were moving to “the promised land” (America) three centuries ago.

I bet you can imagine (or maybe you can’t) how our excitement grew with every minute on the bus headed towards the summitI. Some screamed, some cried and some were just quietly amazed… no one was cold hearted, when we reached our sub-camp. We were so nervous! And even though we haven’t been here for a long time we’ve already met so many people… but this was, of course, only the beginning.


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