29 July

First thing that day, I wanted to go fishing because there is a lot of rush in the afternoon. We went there around 8:30 and started at 9:30. We did fly fishing which is catching fish with techniques and tricking the fish into biting plastic and making them think it’s food.

Next thing we did was go to the faith and belief tent because I hadn’t completed it the previous day.
So I went to the Buddhist tent again to meditate and relax before continuing.
Then I went over to the Islam tent where I met Muslims from the UK, made a prayer for the prayer tree.  Add a badge and got to know that smiling is also charity and filled out a quiz for a chance to win an iPad. They also henna tattooed my hand, they wrote my name in Arabic and it was very beautiful.
Then I went over to the Sikhism tent and learnt a lot about their origins and beliefs. They believe that hair is a gift from god and that they shouldn’t cut it off, no matter it’s a beard, your head, your legs or arms. Them wearing a turban also symbolizes that they are kings and god has sent them to be humble which is why a turban does not touch the ground. They also tied individual turbans for everyone who visited and we learnt to write our names in Gurumukhi.
After this, I went to the Global Development Village where I learnt about WOSM’s collaboration with the UNO for the SDGs.
We learnt about the UNO’s HeforShe program which promotes equal rights for both genders and strives to remove inequality and injustice.
We then went to visit the WWF tent where we learnt about endangered species and products that are safe to buy and the ones that are not. We also learnt Morse code there and got a badge.
Contact me (Fauz) if you want to talk or go do an activity together and have an amazing time! Hope you have a good day!
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Best Regards,
Fauz Rajan
Pakistan Boy Scouts Association
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