The summit has a lot of activities, so many activities that I can’t even name all of them! We have the Big Zip, the small zip, water reality, BTT, BMX, SUP, Climbing, Skate Park, and so many more!


The activity that I enjoyed the most was the water reality, it’s like  an obstacle course but in the water, and in the USA at this time of the year it’s really hot, and dive a little bit while you are making sports its a fresh and cool idea.


The climbing was really fun too! In Portugal I always love  to do the climbing walls that exists in the adventure parks, but here in the subbit they have the biggest climbing wall in the entire world, and i LOVED it , even in the end  when my fingers were really hurt by the grabbing, I was mostly thrilled by the activity .


I’m still looking forward to do the most attended activity off all, the famous Big Zip which is a zip line with a kilometre long, it’s HUGE, and I imagine that the feeling must be amazing!


The jamboree also has a lot of food houses of different countries and, some kind of fun market, where we can do a lot of fun  games and win some prizes or badges! I already won a water bottle and some dry beef, the United States are kinda weird in that way, they are always eating  stuff that is already done and cooked while in Portugal we like to eat very differently.

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