Now the time has come. The last day of jamboree. We decided that we wanted to do one last big activity, so we woke up super early and went to activity called the Ropes. There we went from tree to tree via these swings and ropes. The misty forest was so beautiful and we had super fun!

After the activity we went to the center and just walked around. Then we saw some tent, where they you could buy pizzas. Why not, we thought and went in. You could either buy a full pizza or a slice. We decided to buy one pizza together because they were ENORMOUS! I was super full after one fourth of that! But it was so nice to just sit around and enjoy the last day.

Then we went back to our campsite and started gather our things to bags. I had thought that it would be impossible to fit all of my stuff to my bag, but somehow I succeeded. Then we took some of the tents and all the camp beds down. It was so sad to see how the whole camp became empty and there were just these dry squares after the tents had been packed. We made our final dinner and started to put on our uniforms. It was time to leave to the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony was something I don’t think I’ll ever see again. At the beginning there were people jumping parachute jumps from an airplane and after that there were wonderful speeches given and amazing videos shown. They presented a video of the Korean Jamboree 2023, and when the organizers of it were on the stage to get the Jamboree flag, all the Korean scouts in the audience were waving their country’s flags. I think it was just beautiful way to honor of their home country.

But the closing ceremony. Just wow. There was famous speakers and very talented a capella choir. They sang many famous songs without a band or any instruments, and it was so fascinating to hear all their different kinds of arrangements from the songs. After them, they were showing a video and all of a sudden, the video starts to cut in and out, and finally the whole screen goes black. Everybody are wondering what happened, until we see a human profile made from led lights on the stage. That was a start for an awesome led light dance show. There where people dancing, but we could only see the led lights. Sometimes the leds went black, and after a second they would light up in a completely different spot. It was so cool!

In the end of the performance they “exploded a bomb” with their leds. That was a start for a 15-minutes long firework show, that was UN-BE-LIE-VAB-LE! There was different songs playing in the background, and the fireworks exploded at the rhythm. It was super cool, I don’t think that anyone from the jamboree had ever seen anything like that. And it was also so long! And somewhere in the middle of the show, there were also fireworks shooted from behind us. Then the lazers and flames started to come from the edge of the stage. It was just so cool, and a very memorable ending for the whole jamboree!


I want to thank all of you, who have ever read even one of my posts, I want to thank everybody I met at the Jamboree, everybody who were making that experience possible. I want to thank everybody for the most amazing camp I have ever been. I want to thank every scout, who is part of this great community. I want to thank B-P for creating this hobby/lifestyle. Thank you all. Jamboree is my best experience in my life (so far). I will always look back for it for with a big smile on my face<3

– Aada






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