Trading gear spread across the entire site, set up on rocks and grass and tables and any empty space that will fit it. That was how I spent my day today, wandering through paths lined with t-shirts, neckers, crests, and any other tradable gear. I traded gear with scouts from all over the world, swapping our gear along with stories about our jamboree experiences so far. The sun was blazing hot today, even though it was cold enough for a jacket this morning. The weather here can never decide exactly what to do, so it switches between freezing cold and burning hot.

I also got to have dinner with a Finnish unit, which was very cool. We talked about the adventures we’d had and ones to come. I tried some Finnish candy while I was there, and we compared the kinds of food we eat in our countries.

Afterwards, there was a basecamp bash in our subcamp, which was crazy. The crowd was packed, everyone standing so close to each other that you couldn’t even move. I think I got lost just trying to get out of that crowd. My scout troop in Canada is hosting some scouts from England, and some of them were singing at the bash tonight, which was awesome.

So the day closes to an end at the world scout jamboree, as music from the basecamp bashes washes over us, and my unit plays a game with cans of sweet corn, which they invented during a rare moment of boredom.



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