I was so lucky to start the day by going on the big zip line with the other global ambassadors from the UK & Ireland (the first photo is me and the ambassadors for Scotland, Serbia, Australia and Portugal. It was about 8am so we ziplined through the clouds!

After breakfast, I met up with my unit and we visited the sustainability treehouse. It was really interesting to see what the Jamboree is doing to help tackle today’s environmental issues, for example, climbing the treehouse generates power, helps reuse water and inside there’s lots of activities and games you can do to generate electricity. We also watched a 5 minute video about how we can implement change in our own lifestyles, cutting down on the power we use, and learning how to reuse and recycle materials.

This afternoon, we took a trip to the Global Development village, where we helped come up with ideas to help reduce our food waste on a personal and scouting level, and even got to try ‘cookies’ made from left over food and rice that’d been ground to make rice flour. Whilst doing these things, we chatted to people from Brazil and Mexico, and traded badges and hats! This afternoon made us realise how much of a positive impact scouting can have on today’s problems, such as waste and climate change as long as we spread the word to everybody back home.

Today, we challenge you to do something for the environment. It may be as small as switching off the light before you leave the room, or recycling an extra piece of rubbish, or deciding not to use a disposable coffee cup, but as we’ve learnt today, the Jamboree message is that every little helps.

When scouts create a ripple effect, and raise awareness, change can be made!

Click here to download the video.


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