Because it was Sunday today, a lot of the activities didn’t open until 10 or 12, and they ran a Scout’s Own in the main arena at 8.30. A Scout’s Own is a type of reflective service that happens in scouting all around the world- it’s not necessarily religious but if it is it’s usually inclusive of all people, no matter what faith, gender, culture or any other differences. It’s basically a chance to reflect on your life and connect with others.

This scouts own was the biggest I’ve ever attended, and it was really beautiful. The staff handed out special scarves for us to get people from different countries to sign, and it was great to connect to people from around the world. 

We also formed a massive peace sign, which was pretty cool!

I then went up to world point, again. We didn’t do too much except hang out with a kookaburra (they had a bunch of birds there) and eat some food. I still really want to explore all of the different countries tents because they’re all really interesting but I guess I’ll get a chance another day.

When I got back to camp I accidentally fell asleep in my tent- it was horrible, I do not recommend. Because it’s so hot here the tents are like saunas- no breeze, you just slowly melt away. I woke up covered in sweat and immediately went and had an icy cold shower. Refreshing to say the least!

At dinner, one of our patrols swapped with an American lot, so we a lot of fun chatting to them about the differences between our countries.

Like yesterday, it wasn’t a huge day today- tomorrow probably will be, but right now I’m grateful for any slight resemblance of rest. 


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