It’s Sunday! It has officially been a week since we left sunny Cyprus…it’s strange. If feels like a lifetime ago but at the same time feels like it was only yesterday I was leaving home.

Seeing as it was Sunday, and that part of our promise is our duty to God, it was only logical for us to go to church. So we trekked across the Summit in our full uniform (stopping for impromptu photo shoots here and there) to go to the Faiths and Beliefs area where a tent was set up for service. After church was over, the Cypriot CMT (Contingent Management Team) decided it would be a perfect opportunity to take a photo of all three units (seeing as we are split up in different base camps).

After that it was time for the fun to begin! As Global Ambassador, I am allowed special access to certain activities, so today I got to participate in the Globe Leadership Programme with 11 other Ambassadors. After taking a quiz to find out what kind of leader we were and discussing leadership qualities, we were locked into an Escape room, where, you guessed it, we had to escape! We worked together really well (despite being practically strangers and from different countries) and managed to escape with ample time – which really impressed our Game Master.

Following that, I explored the Summit some more with my new friends who are part of the Global Ambassadors team, and had a great time learning about their cultures and scouting in their countries. I went back to camp early seeing as it was hot, my ankles felt sore and i had blistered feet, so I had some time to myself where I made some friendship bracelets (and new friends), before heading to dinner and then hanging out at our Base Camp Bash concert. We all sang Bohemian Rhapsody. And it was awesome!

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