Hi, everybody. I’m one of Japan’s global ambassadors, Kana.  This time, I’m going to share my experience in shooting sports on World Scout Jamboree.  This morning, I woke up a little bit late because I had the opening show and stayed up late.  Therefore,  we left our site at 8 am. Then, we kept on walking to bus stop. It was so far from our site that I was really tired, and sleeping on the bus.  The bus was great because it is cool inside. First of all, we started looking for  Powder ball and Chalkball, because Scout Association of Japan don’t allow us to use real guns. We were taking part in them.

It was more difficult to shoot the targets than we had expected, however, it was fun.  Thus, actually, I wanted to participate in real gun program,  but I was satisfied.

After that, we were heading for The Bows on foot.  ISTs were very nice to me despite of my poor English.  We took part in Sporting Arrows Range.

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It is difficult as well and I experienced it for the first time.  It looks likes like video games, but it’s not so easy as them.

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