Dear Contingent Leader,
We are reaching out to you today with an exciting new opportunity at the World Scout Jamboree called the Global Ambassador Program.

What is the Global Ambassador Program?

Each contingent is asked to designate one participant to be their “Global Ambassador.” Each Ambassador will be given unique access to program and activities at the Jamboree and, in return, will be asked to post information and digital content online. This content will be accessible to scouts back in each Ambassador’s home country, and individuals around the world will be able to see the World Scout Jamboree through the experience of different countries. In addition to sharing their experience at the Jamboree, the Global Ambassador Program will have special programs and activities that will only be available to participating Ambassadors, including leadership development, training, and unique cultural exchange. They will be equipped with tool like cameras and tablet and will have access to a publishing platform. To gain the best insight, they will also get special access and participate in special programs.

Are we required to participate? And can we send more than one Ambassador?

The expectation is that every contingent designate exactly one Ambassador. At this point we can only accommodate one Ambassador from each contingent, you may identify an alternate in the event more space is available in the program.

What are the requirements for the ambassadors? Are certain skills required?

Think of the ambassador as a digital news reporter with access to special program at the Jamboree. Each ambassador will be given a wifi enabled device to capture photos and video, and will be asked to maintain a blog documenting their experience. For example, Ambassadors may take a GoPro camera along on their mountain bike ride, or they will write an article with a colorful description of a Jamboree show they observe from reserved seats. Ambassadors should be somewhat familiar with digital technology, and have basic writing and multimedia skills, but individual training will be provided to each Ambassador on how to use the technology. Ambassadors should be able to follow instructions and trainings in one of the three primary Jamboree languages (EN, FR, SP).

Are you looking for certain personality traits?

In line with their assignments, Ambassadors should be outgoing, inquisitive and able to share experiences in a humorous, personal way. But given all that, they should be just a typical participant from your contingent who is excited about the Jamboree and willing to take on this unique and special role in your contingent. The Global Ambassador Program is only for youth participants, please.

How should the contingent choose the Ambassador?

This is entirely up to you; whether you pick someone yourself or conduct an application and selection process is your decision and can be done in whatever way is best for each contingent. We do ask that you please make sure that designated individual fits the above description and is also highly motivated to be a Global Ambassador.

What are next steps?

Once you have selected an ambassador, please submit the information via this online form. We are currently accepting nominations and hope to have our list completed by the end of March 2019. Starting in the spring, we will email the ambassadors to explain their roles and get more information about their involvement with the program.

If you have any questions, please reach out via email to

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