That was a hell of a colorful tent…


Have you heard of that thing that the UN general assembly set called the Sustainable Development Goals? Its a set of 17 global goals of which the entire world is responsible of working towards achieving.
Come to think of it, who better than us 50 million scouts from all over the world to focus on such inspiring initiatives!
In fact, that’s what we do! as part of WOSM’s scouts for SDGs initiative. Due to that, the SDG tent was my destination yesterday. There we found quite a group of WOSM’s team member to better explain about the various diverse topics included in the initiative.
First we discussed the importance of youth in making decisions with Youth Adviser to the World Scout Committee Chief Amal Ridene. Later on, our various stops and activities ended with a talk lead by Youth Adviser to the World Scout Committee Chief Diana Carillo Tiburcio, and the Secretary General of WOSM Chief Ahmad Alhendawi.
  The whole tent was so full of spirit it inspired me further more to proceed with my local projects that work towards the SDGs. Perhaps we may truly create a better world.
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