Queues were nearly full in one of the most exciting and challenging adventure activity here at the world scout jamboree – West Virginia. Scouts, leaders and ambassadors from all over the world came early in the morning to experience the water reality. The water reality is located at The Summit Bechtel Reserve, Tridave Lake and the idea behind it is to measure the strength and the agility of the scouts by adding obstacles in the lake and they have to reach to the end. Water Reality consists of five different obstacles. First, the huge pool noodle, next is the flipping perpendicular plane, after that is the ice berg, moving on is the floating spoon, finally is the floating floor. scouts were requested to complete all these obstacles as fast as they can, they should jump over the huge pool noodle which was the toughest challenge then ride the perpendicular plane and flip to the other side, after that they should climb the ice berg then slide to the other side of the ice berg swimming towards the floating spoon where they should climb it and walk on it, then finally walk on the floating spongy floor. There were International Service Team Members all over lake to help guide the scouts during the session, they were doing a very great job rescuing and guiding scouts. However, Scouts were provided with life vests during the session and a helmet so that they are safe and no one gets hurt. Also, participants were requested to wear a swim suit for example shorts and its recommended to have water shoes for this adventure. In addition, It was highly recommended to drink a plenty of water and have your breakfast before the adventure because it consumes a lot of energy. To sum up, the water reality adventure was a very exciting experience to all scouts and every body enjoyed it.

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