On the fifth day of the world scout jamboree, the United Arab Emirates Contingent experienced for the first time kayaking. Kayaking is a sport that is performed in lakes and rivers, it consists of a boat (kayak) and a paddle and the person must keep balanced in the boat so they don’t flip over due to the light and thin boat. In Addition, many other contingents went kayaking during the past days in the world scout jamboree, it seems that they all enjoyed it and had fun kayaking. However, scouts can’t go kayaking without an experienced mentor so, every contingent had an international Service Team (IST) member who volunteered in helping them before, during and after the kayaking session. Scouts are requested to have a spare short in case they get wet and it was recommended to bring a water shoes. The kayaking staff provided all safety and precautions to all the contingents before hoping on their kayak. In addition, they taught everybody the basics of kayaking and how to kayak in a very simple but understandable way. Talking about the place, contingents were kayaking on the world scout jamboree’s lake that is surrounded by trees, nature and beside the stadium. In addition, the lake was also used for fishing so anyone who was kayaking could see the other scouts fishing from a new point of perspective. In my opinion, the experience was very awesome and full of fun where we all enjoyed it.

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