Today, July the 30th, one Global Ambassadors team went on a roadtrip to the  capital of West Virginia, Charleston. It was such an amazing trip, and I am so thankfull that I  have an opportunity to be a Global Ambassador for my country. First, we went to the West Virginia State Museum. I adore it. During the visit of the museum, we had some tasks to do. To find answers on some questions and to maybe find some items which we had to see in the museum.
It was all about team work. We learned some new things, and maybe got some new skills in communicating and working together. I really liked the touring the archives and library.
Than, after the museum visiting, we went on the short boat tour. Kanawha river was really nice. We all have enjoyed it.
After the little break at the Boys Scouts of America Center in Charleston, we went to our last destination for the trip. It was the J.Q.Dickinson Salt – Works. J.Q.Dickinson Salt – Works is a salt-making company, also known as West Virginia’s SALT FAMILY. We had an opportunity to get to know how the salt is made and  which processes shoud it pass to be usefull. It was really incredible. That is my favourite part of the trip. We also get to try some snacks with their salt, and it was really really delicious. I would like to say THANK YOU to the Global Ambassadors team, for making this Jamboree even more incredible. We are all so delighted!
And thank YOU for reading this, for reading my blogposts.
Mail me about your favorite trip so far,
                                                      big hugs,
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