While at the Summit, it is possible that you may encounter various wildlife, such as deer, raccoons, snakes and bears. The WSJ19 app has guidance on what to do and NOT do when encountering wildlife. Go to 2019 WSJ – Guidebook – Health and Safety – Wild Animals and Plants.

As cute as they may seem, deer, raccoons, ferrets, ducks, geese, mice, and similar animals are best observed from a safe distance. They may carry diseases, such as rabies, ticks, etc. Most of all, wild animals should NEVER be fed by hand.

In any wilderness, snakes are present and some of these may be venomous. The best action to take if you encounter a snake is to back away. If you are bitten, stay calm, try to identify the type of snake (or get a description), and apply proper first aid while a buddy calls for or seeks medical help. Medical numbers are available in the WSJ19 app.

Most of the bears in and around the Summit are black bears, and NOT grizzly bears. Black bears generally avoid people. If you encounter a black bear, DO NOT approach it. Instead, slowly back away and keep your eyes on the bear until they or you are out of the area. Food should never be taken into sleeping tents or areas.

Check the official WSJ19 app for information on handling emergency situations.

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