With 4 wheels of wonder, carts are fantastic tools for hauling gear, coolers, food, and more. One thing they should not carry or haul is PEOPLE. The cart shown here is NOT designed for riding!

As fun as it may seem, these carts are not meant to be raced downhill. The carts do not have brakes, the steering is insufficient, there are no navigation lights, and (most importantly) NO seat belts. This makes them UNSAFE for transporting humans.

Do not ride in carts! Carts are to be used for transporting food and other necessary items to and from your campsite. Do not overload them with items that are larger than the basket or with heavy items that make it difficult to move. When going downhill with a loaded cart, move slowly and consider letting the back wheels go first (downhill) and steer from the back (uphill side). This helps to avoid being run-over by the cart. Once you have reached the bottom of the hill, turn the cart around and steer from the front (handle).

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