The Rover Brigade are the heroes behind the scenes of the Jamboree, with the bright green shirts, blue-branded neckers, and endless smiles, the Rovers are a fundamental aspect of the Jamboree.

We were honored to spend some time with them and see what they do at the 24th World Scout Jamboree. The team lead of the Rover Brigade, Preston Marquis, makes everyone feel like a member of the Rover Brigade family. While he makes his rounds, it is apparent that he treats every rover like a brother. He recently left the Jamboree after spending almost a week working hard at helping set up and manage the Jamboree as he was deployed overseas. We wish him well in his endeavors and hope to see him in 2023 in South Korea.

The Rovers go where they are needed including helping with arrivals, stadium shows, and base-camp celebrations. The 200+ members of the Rover Brigade are split between three teams: The Puma Patrol, The BP Corps, and Pathfinders. These unique teams are organised by patrols, similar to participants, but with one difference. Each patrol is a very close family that help, support and rely on each other throughout the Jamboree.

Each member worked tirelessly during the first few days, ensuring that Units made it safely through Ruby to their campsites as well as assisting and welcoming people to the Opening Ceremony. Some Rovers have gone above and beyond the call of duty to work triple shifts during the beginning of the Jamboree. Timothy Simpson, John Bozanic, Christopher Merck, and Ethan Mooney were some of the rovers that stayed up all night working and the least we could do is to thank them for their efforts.

We all know it is important to thank all those who help make the #ScoutJamboree happen! Therefore, we challenge you to give a high five to every rover every time you see them and post it on Social Media with the tag #RoverHigh5

Make sure to thank them for their marvelous efforts throughout the Jamboree!

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