Today my group work up quite early to do the ropes course. We only waited 2 hours which was nice, and once we were up the fun started! I soon discovered that I have a serious lack of balance and I fell off nearly every obstacle. The tires were definitely the most difficult as they were always spinning and turning.
Here’s me, struggling to make it across the tires in mid air. I may have fell a few times…
Those wooden beams are very tricky, they kept on moving out from underneath me! I think I did the splits a few times.
When you’re done the high ropes you jump off a platform attached to a  belayer, it’s so much fun because you feel like you’re flying!
After our ropes course it started chucking down with rain! We had a lightning warning so we all had to stay undercover. We even saw a bit of lighting which was scary, but we were all there to support each other and it was a great bonding experience. After the rain cleared up and the lighting warning was revoked, we headed to the base camp bash.
Base camp Bash for subcamps A and B was crazy! Dancing and singing is always a blast.
Singing off, Eleanor
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