The jamboree is the perfect place to explore and walk around because there are so many people and you never know who you are going to meet and what surprises you’re going to have. That’s exactly what I did in the July 24th, I went exploring with my patrol. We passed by a fantastic place with lots of tents for experiencing lots of things and learning a lot!

The first place we went was an activity center that you could experience being in someone else’s place and getting closer to feel how the difficulties of the daily life of people with disabilities so we had to read a text with missing parts to feel how difficult it is for a person with dyslexia, also find very small pins inside a bowl of rice without looking at it to experience the struggles of someone with damaged nerves and Braille experience was also in the same tent.

We wrapped it up with a reflection about what we have done. This experience so positive and I learned a lot about respecting other; because all the obstacles put in front of things from my daily life made me think about how difficult it is to be forced to fit in a world made for only people that do things a certain way. We are all people and we should always help each other.

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