Welcome my dear Jamboree,
I finally made it… my first time river rafting!! Yup crazy. In Luxembourg we just have one big
river called the Mousel, that’s all. I have the impression that in West Virginia behind every corner
a new adventure awaits you. The journey to the river was already an adventure. We crossed a
gigantic forest and I felt like in a Indiana Jones movie. The rafting itself is worth the waiting time.
Our guide was really lovely and brought us save back. My group also met another lovely troup
from Switzerland.
In the morning I took advantage of the different stations of every country. I even at bugs. The
challenge was to eat 5 different flavors, if you complete the challenge you get a sample of your
favorite favor for FREE!!! (FYI I have the mango flavor, I’m a HUGE mango freak)
I love the mentality of the scouts here on the Jamboree and everywhere else. If we want
change, we need to change!

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