As I stare at the raindrops on the bus window,  suddenly it hits me- this is not a dream. This is real. I’m going to the World Scout Jamboree. The excitement on the bus is rising, and the morbid rain does not, even slightly, lower the spirits of my fellow Scouts. We’re going to the Jamboree, after months and months of interviews, briefings, paperwork, presentations and hundreds of emails.

As we arrive on site, we are welcomed by an IST member from the USA, and he accompanied us as we head off to our campsite. He tells us all about the jamboree and all necessary information, and we share a friendly conversation about our different cultures. Already, we are experiencing and learning about different people.

We arrive at our campsite, and rush to get our bags undercover before they get too wet in the pouring rain. We arrive to find that our tents have been pitched for us, by our friendly American and Australian neighbors- something that we are very greatful for! We then eat food, which were vacuum packed wraps- something that astronauts eat in space, and only expire in 2023!

The next day, I went to the Global Ambassadors Orientation, where I met all the Ambassadors and learnt all about what my job will be on the Jamboree. I have already got plans to eat dinner with Mexican and Egyptian troops- something I am quite excited about!

After the orientation, I accompanied my Contingent to the Opening Ceremony practice, because South Africa was involved in the opening act of the ceremony! The Global Ambassadors were given the opportunity to carry the flags of other countries if their country had a flag bearer, but I decided to stay with my Contingent, because they were all also experiencing a unique perspective of the opening ceremony.

I will include details of the Opening Ceremony and my first day at camp in my next blog post!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I really appreciate the support!

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