So. Apparently West Virginia is prone to thunderstorms. I was not expecting thunderstorms in July (because that doesn’t really happen back home!). We were on our way to the West End and the Pools when we saw the lightning (we all screamed, by the way). After putting our rain gear we seeked shelter until the worst of the storm passed, and on we went! Someone was blaring songs from a speaker, so we all had an impromptu disco in front of a stall with other random scouts: we had never met each other before, but the music brought us together. It was one of those “Jamboree” moments.

The reason i persuaded 6 people to make the 40 minute trek to that area was because I wanted to check out a flying simulator there. I wasn’t expecting a super modern electric plane with a vertical takeoff and landing, but I rose to the challenge and adapted to how it flew.

We also visited a different section of the summit today, where we learnt that there are so many things that unite us, by having to write about our interests and then having to find an answer with common interests to ours, which had already been pinned to some string by someone else. Turns out a lot of people share my passions of travelling and dancing (and scouting of course)!

On a different note – one of the guys in our unit turned 16 today! We sang happy birthday to Charalambos with our American neighbours (featuring poor Eleni and Christina sniffling because they’ve both got colds) before most of us taking a few selfies (featuring the units selfie prince, Marinos). I felt like we were all part of a family – and how lucky is Charalambos to have a Jamboree birthday?! His cake was a massive store bought brownie, for those wondering!

Tonight I’m planning on hanging out with my friends and making the most of the last few nights here!

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