About a 30-minute bus ride from the Summit, there is a river called the New River. The Jamboree program allows each troop to go river rafting. After lunch, my group assembled for the walk to the rafting bus station. There, we met up with 2 guys from Sweden. We watched a brief video about rafting safety, and boarded the bus. On the bus ride, I talked with the Swedes about our respective cultures. I learned that, in Sweden, kids take public transit to school from a very young age. The bus careened around the tight mountain switchbacks until we got to the launch site. Once there, the larger group broke into several boats. My boat consisted of several of my troop members and the two Swedes. After we had all been given gear and gotten into the raft, our guide went over the basic paddling commands. Our guide said that we were extremely efficient, and we started our journey down the river. When we reached the first set of rapids, the boat bounced around a lot. My boat then decided to start a war with some of the other boats. This mainly consisted of boarding the boat and throwing people overboard. However, my boat tapped out of the war and watched all the other boats duke it out. We went over a few more sections of class 3 rapids, and then stopped for a swim break. After that, we landed at our pick-up location. All in all, rafting was an amazing experience that I highly recommend.


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