Today a handful of the Global Ambassadors got the chance to go on a field trip all the way to Charleston.

Our trip started at 7:30am when we all gathered to the Pigott HQ building. Soon we were already on our way back to the civilization!

First we were headed to the West Virginia State Museum. We spent a good few hours there exploring and learning new things about the history of West Virginia. They gave out these booklets that had questions about the things they had in the museum so it became more of an interactive tour.


After walking around the museum they took us up to the archives which was a really cool experience. There were s lot of books and films – a lot. We even get to see and hold a piece of paper that Abraham Lincoln had written and signed.



Next up we got some pizza and headed down to a river boat! We hung out, ate snacks and took tons of pictures together while taking in the views! It truly was a great moment.

The last activity of the field trip was a tour at a salt harvesting place. It was really interesting to see the whole process of how salt is really made. It’s something you don’t really see everyday!

I think the best part about the whole trip was all the other Global Ambassadors I got to spend my day with. All of them are so nice and genuine and I’m super thankful that I was able to join this program because that’s how I met all of them!

In conclusion, today was such a fun day and something I couldn’t get to experience if it wasn’t for the World Scout Jamboree!


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