‘One month to go, one week to go and
so on goes the count down till the D-
day!’ The long awaited event which
was hovering over us had turned into
reality. Approximately 45 000 scouts
wearing a plethora of colourful scarves
coming from all corners of the world
had gathered in their authentic
uniform at the Summit Bechtel Scout

Reserve at 7 p.m; all with the same
scouting spirit and determination
despite the scorching heat.

Picture 1:

We are all gathered here in West Virginia

Everything was ready to make that
ceremony one of most spectacular ever
organised in scouting. It had begun

with a flag carriers show. Cheers of joy
were echoing throughout the reserve.
was our motto and aim!
The amalgamation of shows which
followed was undoubtedly rich in
technology and innovation. Many left
us astounded.


Live concert with local artists

During the concert, we were many who
were enjoying ourselves even if
sometimes we were off the rhythm


Aerial show by drones

That show was the pure incarnation of
innovations. It was majestic. The small
dots of light in the air had illuminated
the dark sky.


Spectacular propelling of fire crackers

Apart from these, it was “Our scouts
oath and law which binds our
disciplinary force" ~Baden Powell.

The kick off for the adventure to begin
was given. Lets go!

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