This morning, as the rain cleared up, all of the Global Ambassadors made their way to a training meeting, where we got to know each other and chatted about differences in cultures. To be able to sit at a table full of people from Germany, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Belgium was such an interesting  experience, and a perfect start to our trip. Just as we thought the day couldn’t get any better, the other UK ambassadors and I were told by one of our leaders that we’d be meeting Bear Grylls! We couldn’t believe it, and spent a good half an hour screaming and worrying about what we’d say in front of Bear and the cameras- when he came, he chatted to us and was lovely, we had nothing to worry about! Then we had to run back to camp to get changed and eat our tea before the opening ceremony, and we finally got to tell our units about meeting Bear Grylls (some didn’t believe us until they saw photographic evidence!) The opening ceremony was like nothing we’ve ever experienced before, the sense of unity in the stadium was surreal, 45,000 scouts from 152 different countries all sat together making as much noise as possible!! This was the UK reaction when our flag was brought on stage: 

At the end of the show there was a drone light show, which was absolutely stunning and the end to a perfect day- watching us enjoying the show together made some of our leaders a bit emotional!

Finding our way back from the ceremony was a bit tricky, but we ended up making friends with people from 4 different countries on our way back. 

Overall, the perfect start to the trip of a lifetime!

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