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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Novus?

Novus is the Jamboree Wide Game (sometimes referred to the Friendship Wide Game at past World Scout Jamborees)! With Novus you will use a high-tech wristband to connect with new friends, explore new adventures, and Unlock A New World of opportunities at the World Scout Jamboree!

How do I create my Novus profile?

You will receive an email in mid-July, before the jamboree, with instructions on how to set up your profile.

How do I access my account?

You can easily see all of your progress and your account in the Novus section of the WSJ app on your mobile device. You can also access the Novus web portal online by visiting the World Jamboree website.

I made a new friend using Novus and want to keep in touch with them after the World Scout Jamboree. How can I find my friend’s contact information?

You can view all of the new friends you’ve made in the ‘My Contacts’ section of the WSJ App or online in the Novus portal.

Do I have to participate in Novus?

No. It is completely optional to participate in the jamboree wide game. If you do not wish to participate, you have the option to not connect with any other Scouts or check in at any events.

Do I need to wear my wristband all the time?

Yes, you need to keep your wristband on at all times and at all of the shows. The wristbands will give you access to some amazing things during WSJ – so don’t plan on taking it off. Even if you don’t plan on playing the game, the wristband is a required part of your official credentials at WSJ.

Is my wristband waterproof?

Yes, you can wear it in the pool and shower.

How is my Novus information stored?

No personal information is stored on your device. Data from places you checked in and people you met is automatically uploaded from your device to your online account where you can see your activity.

Is my data secure?

Yes. All of this technology is GDPR compliant and all data is encrypted. Furthermore, your data will not be shared outside of the WSJ 2019 or WOSM without the express permission of the Jamboree Executive Team.

If I lose my Novus wristband and someone else finds it, will they have access to my personal information?

No. Personal information is not stored on the device and all information is encrypted.

How to change the email address of your Klik profile

  1. Use the account lookup tool and go through the registration process.
  2. Once the registration completed, you will have access to your Klik timeline.
  3. Click on the three white dots on top left of the navigation bar.
  4. Click on My Account, your profile information should appear.
  5. In the email field, you can enter your email address and press enter. Check that the change has been saved. If the saved message does not appear, it is most likely that the email address is already being used by another account.

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