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Novus: Play it Safe!

Novus will provide a great opportunity to connect with new friends from around the world at the Jamboree! But, just like anything you do online, please remember these important tips about staying safe while you meet new people at the World Scout Jamboree & if you choose to stay connected online after the event:

  • The information that you share on your Novus profile is completely up to you. Remember that anyone you connect with in person will be able to view all of the information that you choose to share.
  • We recommend filling out your Novus profile with a parent, family member, or trusted adult. They can help you choose what information is appropriate to share, and help you put your best foot forward.
  • Don’t reveal sensitive or secure personal information, such as logins, passwords, identification numbers, your specific address, etc.
  • Think carefully about what you post and what pictures or social media you share. Once you share information online, you lose control of who has them or shares them.
  • You can edit or delete the information in your Novus profile at any time. Just log in to the Jamboree app or Novus website to view the profile information you are sharing. Consider reviewing your profile during the Jamboree, and when you return home to make sure you are comfortable with the information you are sharing.
  • You choose who you connect with using Novus. You DO NOT have to connect with another Scout just because they want to connect with you. If you’re not sure of the best way to say ‘No’ in this situation, practice with a parent or friend.
  • As per WOSM policies, youth participants at the Jamboree (14-17 years old) are only allowed to use Novus to connect with other youth. Adults (18+ years old) are only allowed to use Novus to connect with other adults. If you are uncertain, each scout’s profile will list whether they are a Youth or Adult (Leader, CMT, IST, JPT).
  • If you do not want to be connected with another scout anymore, FOR ANY REASON, you can delete that connection and they will no longer be able to view your profile. You must go to the Novus website online, log-in to search for that connection, and click the (x) next to their name to delete the connection.
  • Delete any contact who is negative, threatening, or bullying.
  • Don’t agree to meet with any of your new friends one-on-one. Always meet in a public place, and bring friends along with you.
  • If you see something online or receive a message that makes you uncomfortable, tell a parent or guardian, unit leader, scoutmaster, or another trusted adult.
  • The Listening Ear team is available in each sub-camp if you ever feel unsafe, or need someone to talk to about any part of your in-person or online Jamboree experience.
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