What Are the novus,One of the keys to Unlocking a New World at the World Scout Jamboree is right on your wrist!

Novus is the smart little watch Thing we All have it on our wrist or in our neckerchief.

It’s the New And easiest way to connect with New friends. Just press on the “N” in the middle to share your personal information, and to earn some points. you choose what to include! Whenever you make a new friend at the jamboree walking across the Summit, sharing a meal, waiting your turn at the zip line, or playing a game in your subcamp  all you need to do is click both of your wristbands and you’ll instantly be connected!


The jamboree will introduce many new and exciting experiences! It’s our goal to turn the entire jamboree into a game that will encourage you to explore, the more Things you do the more points you earn. When you collected some points from the activities you Will get a online badge on your cell phone. You Will slowly climb the leaderboard,

There is also bigger badges, that requires complete other smaller badges. The more small badges you need the more points you get for it. So It’s one giant game for everyone to join

In My opinion it’s a really good way to make us active in a fun and interesting way. 


All These virtuel badges makes everyone try to complete Them because it’s a fun and Nice to see that you Are making progress though the days.




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