You know what they say about new beginnings,that they are difficult but in the end you wil probably like what you started? Well,that’s exactly what the first day was like. It started with a rainy day but finished with an amazing show. We had a global ambassadors orientation in the morning where we got to meet each other and sign up for some really interesting stuff you are going to see later. It was really fun but the best part for me was the walk back to basecamp. There 4 of us in subcamp B so we had a really good time getting to know each other while walking. In the afternoon we met up again cause we would cary our flags in the opening show. We had a long wait but it was totally worth it. The view of 45.000 scouts facing towards us is something I’ll never forget. Afterwards we got to eat dinner together wich was awesome, not better though than the show, where a band was making music with steel laders and mixers and drones shaped things like the jamboree and the world scouting sign.


Ambassadors holding their flags before the show
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