On the 23rd of July, NCT Dream performed their new song, Fireflies for the first time ever.

Who is NCT Dream?

They are a subunit of a South Korean boy group, NCT which stands for Neo Culture Technology. There are currently 6 members who are Chenle, Haechan, Jaemin, Jeno, Jisung and Renjun.

NCT Dream was chosen as the World Scout Foundation’s first ever Global Ambassador and released “Fireflies”, an English single of which the proceeds go to support scouts from underprivileged areas.

They performed a total of five songs which was Fireflies, Chewing Gum, Trigger The Fever, Go and We Go Up.

Many scouts from all over the world came to watch them perform at Base Camp C and D’s stage and some even brought their lightstick. This shows how music is a universal language and although not everyone in the crowd understands Korean, they still cheered loudly for NCT Dream.

Personally, I’m a huge of them and I would even go as far as calling myself an “nctzen” which is what their fans are called. I was really happy to see them perform live and it would be something I will never forget. Their performance was utterly amazing and I will always cherish this moment.

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