My trip to Mount Jack

Explore Mount Jack is a good experience that I’ll never forget because I met a lot of people there and I enjoyed a good moment with my troop.


I woke up late this day because last night was the Unity Show and then this me and my troop stayed talking at the campsite so I went to bed so late. I took a shower then I made the breakfast and took my backpack to start walking, we had to go to Camp A so we didn’t walk a lot, when we arrived at camp A they told us what was going to be our way to arrive in Mount Jack we had to follow the red way so we started walking.



The trip was so long and tired, first all the contingents that were going to Mount Jack walked all on the same way, then they separate us on two groups, the firstone that was yellow and another color that I don’t remember and the second one was blue and red, then wee keep walking and walking and finally they divide the group of the blue and reds on two groups, obviously I was on red. We keep walking and walking and walking and walking, and finally we arrived on Mount Jack and let me told us that is a beautiful place, there we checked our novos and then walked little bit more to got into the parts of the games, the first part was about shoot tomahawks and knives, shoot rifles and things with you can get an animal from nature. The second part was about sports like soccer and basketball.


When I was on the road back to my camp I met a girl from Slovakia and we become really good friends and I went with her to get a new novus and then we just walked around the camp, i had a good afternoon whit her.


Then I to the camp , ate dinner and me and a friend went to the Camp Bash of C and D, there I was looking for more GA’s to go with them to the backstage pass, but the IST told us that we can’t  came in because the Backstage pass is only for big events , so I can’t take photos into the backstage but i took some in the middle of the public.

  I enjoyed the music and I dance a lot


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