Today I stood up at 5:30 am to go to the Big Zip with Ronja. She is a friend from my unit Leibniz and she asked me if I would like to do it together.

So we went to bed early and stood up early. We were very excited and ran almost to the waiting area. While we were waiting for the Zipline a woman came with a microphone and said that we have to weigh more than 63 kg. Ronja and me were very disappointed because we really wanted to do it and stood up so early. But the risk that we will stop in the middle was to high so we had to do something else.

Ronja had a Action Camera so she wanted to film our adventure and as we walked by the attractions we stopped at the mountain bikes. There were already a small group waiting so we sat down right behind them. Till they opened at 8 am we talked to our families. My mom and my dad were very happy to talk to me and said that they can’t wait to meet me at the Jambo.

As they opened we were very excited. The staff got us two helmets and two bikes fitting just for us. After we dropped our language, we got through a training how to ride a mountain bike. Ronja and I got it really quick so we could start to ride them. Ronja made a video of our trip, check it out below 😉

It was really funny and awesome to go up and drown the rocks and mountains. My anxiety get better while we were driving so Ronja and me decided to do it again next week. We enjoyed the nice weather and the awesome stuff people. Everyone was really nice and explained it easy so that we could understand it very fast. It was a nice experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

(The Video will be published later because it takes a long time to get it from the camera to my mobile, I’m sorry)


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